Providing relevant information to CAFFSA members and the broader community is important and our e-Bulletins keeps subscribers informed about relevant issues in the sector. We also want to inform the community on issues where there are specific knowledge gaps. Information for families and others in the community how the child protection system operates and why children are being removed is one such important publication.

The Child and Family Focus SA (CAFFSA) Respite Care Project was commissioned and funded by the SA Government Department for Child Protection in response to Recommendation 126 in The Life They Deserve (the Nyland report to the SA Child Protection Systems Royal Commission) to “Engage and support CAFWA to improve the coordination of respite provision to foster, kinship and relative carers.” The report on the Respite Care Project can be found here and Appendix 3 of the Report can be found here.

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CAFFSA response to the Children and Young People (Safety) Bill 2016

CAFFSA is pleased to provided a consolidated response to the Bill designed to replace the Children’s Protection Act (1993); to download the response click here.

Sector Response to the reform of the South Australian Child Protection System

After consulting with members and other key stakeholders within the non-government sector, CAFFSA is pleased to commit this position paper to the South Australian government outlining key priorities for consideration as the sector reforms are implemented.

To download the paper, click here.

A guide to understanding the South Australian Child Protection system: Why are children removed?

Dr Mary Salveron co-developed this resource for the Family Inclusion Network of South Australia and the Child and Family Welfare Association of South Australia. ‘Why are children removed?’ aims to help parents, their families and friends understand how and why certain things are done by Families SA and where help can be found for them. To view publication click here.