New era for peak child protection advocacy in South Australia – Media Release

September, 2017

For over twenty years, the Child and Family Welfare Association of South Australia has advocated strongly on behalf ofvulnerable children, families and the organizations supporting them; systems reform brings new opportunities

The wellbeing of children and families is the core concern of over 40 non-government, non-profit organizations in South Australia. These organizations have for many years been members of the state’s peak body for child protection, The Child and Family Welfare Association of South Australia.

With the release of Margaret Nyland’s report of the Royal Commission in to Child Protection Systems in August 2016 entitled The Life They Deserve, the child protection sector in South Australia sat ready for a range of reform measures designed to bring about much needed change to the ways in which vulnerable children and families were supported to keep children safe.

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Royal Commission – News release

The Child Protection Systems Royal Commission will begin conducting its fifth and final case study on 18 January 2016 which will focus on keeping children in out of home care safe.

In particular the Commission will focus on identifying the circumstances that permitted convictedpaedophile Shannon McCoole to commit offences against a number of young children in state care.

The case study is expected to run for approximately six weeks and will involve more than 80 witnesses. Evidence will be heard from workers involved in the employment of McCoole, and those who worked alongside him caring for these vulnerable children.

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