CAFFSA receives peak body funding through the Sector Support & Advocacy funding program from the Government of South Australia via the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion [DCSI] with 50% of this funding coming from the Department of Education and Child Development [DECD].

Members of CAFFSA contribute substantially through annual membership fees and by making voluntary contributions to CAFFSA Research and Development initiatives.


The following is the Statement of Principles that guides the SA Government funding.

Sector Support & Advocacy funding reflects policies and agreements jointly developed by the Department and the Community Sector and endorsed by the Department of Health, Department for Communities and Social Inclusion and the Human Services Partnership Forum, to provide an effective means for the Department and the Community Sector to work together in the interests of the South Australian community.

It is critical that the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion and non-government organisations are able to work closely together in regard to policy development, service planning, service development and service delivery.

Funding is therefore based on a partnership model representing a collaborative relationship between the Department and the Community Sector, recognising that peak bodies have a range of functions which contribute to enhancing the infrastructure and quality of service delivery within the Community Sector.

Parties to this Service Agreement recognise that Community Sector agencies are independent bodies that pursue their own goals, but work closely with government, non-government, local government and local communities. The Parties recognise the importance of taking a long-term view, as well as responding to immediate and urgent need, and recognise that social, environmental and financial outcomes are all equally important.

For Peak Community Sector Organisations in particular, this may involve advocating for changes to government policies and priorities, including an emphasis on maintaining diversity and sustainability within the community sector. In this sense, there is a healthy tension inherent in the relationship between government and the community sector.

The South Australian Government acknowledges that peak community sector organisations would exist without government funding, in order to meet the needs of their member organisations. The Government further recognises the autonomy of community sector peak organisations, in line with the principles of independence outlined above.

The Sector Support & Advocacy program therefore serves as the Government’s way of recognising the value and relevance of peak bodies in and of themselves, irrespective of their advocacy role and interactions with government agencies.

The funded activities of Peak Community Sector Organisations will support the objectives of improving well-being and expanding opportunity for South Australians. Commitment to shared principles and objectives of Common Ground will enhance outcomes for the Community Sector.